Bringing xFH to Life

Here’s how LTI is bringing xFH (Everything from home) to life. More in this conversation between LTI’s Nachiket Deshpande and Microsoft India’s Meetul Patel.

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Software Engineering for the Post-Pandemic World

Here’s an interesting discussion between LTI and Microsoft about the pandemic-propelled paradigm shift in software development

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LTI Canvas

Designing the Future of Software Engineering

Enterprises today are witnessing an unprecedented shift towards digital ways of working. In this era of the new normal, LTI’s xFH framework goes beyond providing a robust “Work From Home” solution. It helps you adapt and evolve for enterprise-wide efficiency while focusing on finer aspects such as employee engagement, professional development and growth.

LTI’s xFH framework is brought to life by LTI Canvas, a curated platform consisting of LTI solutions, Microsoft technologies, and select third-party tools. It is designed for a workforce to collaborate and deliver excellence remotely.

Future Of Software Engineering
LTI Canvas - modern software engineering platform

LTI Canvas is a modern software engineering platform which uses AI to nudge the right set of behaviors and collaboration. It harnesses data generated from across the lifecycle – such as user stories, code, test cases and defects to provide insights for software development and to predict outcomes for effective decision making. The platform can integrate with CI/CD pipelines to enable DevOps model of working.

LTI Canvas is built for IT personas to collaborate seamlessly and deliver quality software at speed.

Value Proposition

Transform with xFH Ways of Working

Change the way you work!

With no option but to work from home, workplaces need to become truly digital.

People Security & Governance Infrastructure

Transform with xFH Ways of Working
Modern Engineering with Curated Tech Bundles
Modern Engineering with Curated Tech Bundles

Change the way you Engineer!

Hybrid way of working is the future, and enabling it requires the best breed of solutions.

Tech-driven efficiencies AI-driven nudge for right habits

Track Progress with Governance and KPIs

Change the way you Track!

With a combination of working from home, office or any other location, governance and progress tracking becomes quintessential.

Real-time KPI measurement Focus on lead metrics for prediction

Track Progress with Governance and KPIs
Curated Solution with Persona-driven Approach
Curated Solution with Persona-driven Approach

Change the way you Deliver!

There is no “one-fit-all” solution anymore, every persona has its own challenges and needs to be solved for.

Persona-driven design Codified way of working

How Can
LTI Canvas Solve for IT Personas?

Platform Components & Solutions

LTI Canvas Engineering

Modern engineering solution for a hybrid way of working

LTI Canvas Transition

Digital Governance platform for real-time transition tracking & reporting for hybrid ways of working

LTI Canvas Insights

AI-powered agile platform to boost software development productivity

LTI Canvas DevOps

Self-service DevSecOps platform for automated enablement and persona-based governance

LTI Canvas Studio  

Low-code platform to develop ready-to-deploy, end-to-end Cloud-native applications

LTI Canvas Resilience

Hardening applications to deliver business resilience

LTI Canvas

Digital and transformative platform to build customer-centric assurance strategy


AI and amplifying automation, to create defect-less code and decrease technical debt in application engineering
Reimagining Global Service Delivery in the Post Pandemic World

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