LTI Canvas Scarlet

Canvas Scarlet provides ability to accelerate the data modernization journey to AWS. It features set of tools for data extraction, data transformation and storage into AWS, script based infra on AWS, migrate technology tied functions such as Stored procedures to cloud compatible functions. Scarlet leverages AWS services on demand for cost optimized, efficient usage and scalable computing and storage. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing start-ups and largest enterprises are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

Proud to be recognized as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, LTI delivers leading-edge solutions through our expertise in focus areas such as Platform Modernization, Data Modernization, and Data Governance leveraging AWS Services.


  1. Migrate data from on-premise to cloud including schemas, data and objects in the database.
  2. Facilitates automated way of reconciling the data between source and the target database.
  3. A paradigm shift from a simple lift & shift to re-architecting solution using cloud native services for higher elasticity, infinite computing for better data insights and new applications built using a combination of custom development and AWS services.

Canvas Scarlet facilitates migration from on-premises to cloud as well as greenfield projects. The wing-to-wing services are built around automation with a view to reduce manual intervention and increase cost optimization. It can migrate data and underlying scripts to create combination of Data Warehouse and Data Mart and provides features to consume data using outsourced tools and querying data from Data Warehouse, Data Mart, and Redshift Spectrum.

Canvas Scarlet Core Components

DWH Extractor

The tool extracts data from most widely used commercial and open-source databases seamlessly. Leverages extraction agents running in parallel to reduce the download time.

Object Convertor

Converts stored procedures and functions to Python-based Spark ETL jobs on migrated databases. Can use EMR with spot instances to optimize cost.

Data Transform

Transforms data from raw to curated layer after applying data transformation such as Data Quality, Business Rules, Partitions, Lookups and Filters, The process is configurable

Data Validator

Provides the ability to reconcile data between source and target database during migration. Leverages Spark jobs for parallel execution. Can perform record to record validation for the entire database or based on sampling size

Smart Architekt

Process framework to create infrastructure as code based on technical inputs.
Services file configurable through parameters file

What it solves for


Seamless migration

Helps migrate databases to AWS with reduced downtime, allowing the source database to be mostly operational during the migration process.


Simpatico relationship

The tools leverage native AWS services and use lean technology stack making them simple and efficient.


Development time

Reduces journey time to cloud and creates modular reusable code.



Uses Services on demand and pay for what we use.


High volume of data

Tools optimised to handle petabytes volume of data.


Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
CCPA Compliance

CCPA Compliance for Major Publishing House

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Consumer Analytics

Consumer Analytics Data Lake using AWS for Global Media Entertainment Company

Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
Hybrid Data Lake

Hybrid Data Lake on AWS for Next Generation Analytics for Leading Pharma Manufacturing Company

Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
Technology Modernization

Technology Modernization using AWS Cloud for Global Shipping Company Client Case study

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