Data modernization is a critical aspect of digital transformation initiatives that organizations are embarking upon. Today, more than ever, organizations are producing and consuming diverse datasets and data volumes at a rate that current legacy data warehouse and on-premises systems simply cannot scale to handle. Organizations are upgrading to modern data warehouse platform like Azure Synapse. Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics.

However, migrating to cloud is a huge task. Data migration, schema migration and all other business logics built-in, would need lot of efforts, time, and high risk. Our Intelligent Cloud Migration Accelerator-Canvas Sunshine for Azure addresses these core challenges of migrating legacy data solutions to modern data warehouse platform like Azure Synapse.

LTI Canvas Sunshine

Canvas Sunshine reduces the overall manual efforts required to move from on-premises to the cloud, by making your data migration journey timely, predictable, and cost-effective.

Canvas Sunshine automates the process of conversion of scripts from one database to another, provides reports by analyzing the source database such that we get a better understanding of the source and make decisions on what needs to be migrated and what can’t be handled. Also, it provides a feature to audit the objects in source, and target to ensure the integrity and correctness of data.

Key Features

Faster Migration
Accelerates the migration to cloud through automatic conversion of database objects, scripts, data migration and data validation.

Cost Saving
Massive cost savings due to reduced migration time and automation reduces the manual efforts required.

Controlled Risk
Reduced risk as using (industry) proven best practices, guiding principles of Azure Synapse, automation (reduces human error).

Reduced Efforts
Reduced effort due to the automation and simplification of repetitive tasks.

LTI Canvas Sunshine Offerings


Technology Consulting-led design framework to delineate end-to-end migration design, reducing risk and increasing migration velocity

  • Vision and Roadmap
  • Solution Selection
  • TCO Calculation
  • Business Case


End-to-end migration framework for on-premises database migration to the Azure platform using automated tools

  • Source Database Examination
  • Data and Script Migration
  • Automated Data Validation


Governance tool kit to help sustain and optimize the new data on Azure Synapse platform.

Solutions & Accelerators


Source Examiner

Analysis of the database objects in the source system to get a view of the existing system and the debt associated with it.


Synapse Convert

Automatic conversion of source database objects, scripts into Azure Synapse specific objects considering its best practices/guidelines


Synapse Upload

Automatic migration of data from on-premises to Azure leveraging both appliance specific and Synapse specific best practices /guidelines


Smart Data Auditor

Automated tool that allows to compare the source and target data post migration to ensure correctness of data.


Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
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Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
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