Key Features

Continuous Assessment

Self-service DevOps experience

Lean CI/CD automation

Tool Agnostic

Customizable metrics and KPIs

Template-based CI/CD Enablement

AI-led self-healing systems

Bird’s eye view into the entire DevOps lifecycle

Modernizes and Enhances Journeys across Personas

Product Owner

  • Remote Collaboration
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Centrally-organized data for planning and tracking
  • Real-time & centralized Insights

Program Manager

  • Change Impact
  • Accelerated Outcomes
  • KPIs and Governance across programs
  • Customer Satisfaction

Scrum Master

  • Predictability
  • Sprint Planning
  • Velocity

DevOps Engineer

  • Reduced Technical Debt
  • ALM and RLM Efficiency
  • Curated DevOps and Dev Environment
  • Customizable DevOps pipeline
  • CI/CD Automation and Orchestration

Full stack Developer

  • Code Analytics
  • One-click Deployment
  • Defect Resolution
  • Best Practices

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