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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables organizations to drive digital transformation and address the business challenges with AI-powered, industry-focused services that run on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Proud to be recognized as a Google Cloud Premier Tier Partner, LTI delivers leading-edge solutions through our expertise in focus areas such as Application Modernization, Infrastructure Modernization, and Smart Analytics leveraging GCP Services.

LTI offers Canvas Eureka, a Mindful automation framework and toolkit for GCP Smart Analytics services, to forge end-to-end transformational change at scale and speed. Canvas Eureka takes an automation-first approach to address the core challenges of migrating legacy data solutions, ensuring that your data transformation journey is on time, predictable, and cost-effective while de-risking and easing the transition path. Canvas Eureka with its automated dataflows enables an optimized and seamless pathway to eliminate operational complexities, exploit cloud economics of scale and activate AI/ML innovations.

Key Features

Automated discovery of insights from the legacy platform to reduce complexity of transformation

Save time, cost and shorten the data modernization journey with automated tools.

Enable new use cases and AI/ML innovations with readymade templates & frameworks.

Canvas Eureka - Accelerate and smoothen data modernization journey with our mindful automation framework for GCP smart analytics solutions.

Canvas Eureka Core Components

Eureka - ADVICE

Our 3-step tech. consulting framework leveraging GCP smart analytics solutions helps you envision the technical landscape and develop a customized data modernization strategy to meet your business goals.

  • Platform Fitment Evaluation
  • Assessment and Roadmap Definition
  • Architecture definition

Eureka – MIGRATE

Mindful automation toolkit for migration from a legacy data warehouse and Hadoop solutions to BigQuery/Dataproc smart analytics solutions – Data Architecture, ETL pipelines, and Analytics Apps, leveraging the LTI tools & accelerators suite.

  • Data Architecture Implementation
  • Data Migration and Code Migration
  • Data Validation and Tuning

Eureka – SMART

Our accelerators to activate new use cases on GCP smart analytics solutions such as foundation for data mesh architecture, AI Engineering pipelines to automate AI/ML operations

  • Data Mesh on GCP
  • Data/Fin Ops
  • AI Engineering

Solutions & Accelerators



Technology-led consulting for modernizing data warehouse / data lake systems to BigQuery data platform.



Automated analysis of source systems and database objects to surface insights and create reports and drill-down dashboards.


Meta Migrator

Automated migration of database schema from 'X' RDBMS to BigQuery/CloudSQL.


Data Migrator

Automated data migration from on-premises to BigQuery using Spark API.


SQL Convertor

Automated conversion of source RDBMS / HiveQL queries/scripts to BigQuery queries.


Data Validator

Automated validation framework for data reconciliation from source to the target environment.


AI Engineering

A template-based framework for operationalizing ML model development, training, validation, deployment to production, and monitoring.



Deployment Templates for enabling data mesh architecture on Google Cloud Platform.


Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
Denmark based leading wholesaler
  • 30% increase in Business Performance
  • 20% boost in the detection of POS fraud patterns with AI/ML algorithms
  • ~40-50% reduction in the cost related to support and maintenance
Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
American Real Estate Company

Data Landscape Modernization on Google Cloud for an American Real Estate Company to drive operational efficiency and cost reduction

Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
LTI Canvas Eureka

Accelerate Data Modernization Journey to GCP Smart Analytics Solutions.

Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
LTI Canvas Eureka

Accelerate Data Modernization Journey to GCP Smart Analytics Solutions.

Considerations for Successful Remote Transition
SQL Server to Snowflake Migration

Utilities guide for SQL Server Migration to Snowflake Leveraging LTI Canvas

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